Lux Airways is a membership-based first class airline founded in 2016 offering a private and exclusive experience for passengers looking to travel transcontinental between major city centers. Its sole mission is to revolutionize the way passengers travel by offering an affordable method of flying while enjoying the luxuries of a private jet.

This makes LUX the first exclusive membership airline that incorporates the best elements of existing airlines and current private jet charters. While commercial airlines focus on a per seat model and private jet charters enforce exorbitant fees, Lux Airways fuses the two models to provide a comfortable, posh, and exclusive experience at cost-effective price points.

Thus we are a hybrid of the aforementioned verticals that offers a “beyond first class” experience for all of its members and passengers.

LUX will initially start operations with state of the art Bombardier C-Series aircraft configured to 28 fully enclosed executive first class suites.