How do I know if LUX Airways is right for me?
If you can recite the inflight safety video line by line, travel coast to coast, between one and four times a month and know the time in the air is just as valuable as time in the boardroom, you need a LUX Airways membership. If you’re tired of dealing with overpriced airline tickets, long security lines, and adding several hours to your day just to catch a flight, you’ll love flying with us.
What are the benefits of a LUX Airways membership?
Peace and tranquility for the road warrior in you. Feel at ease knowing you can book a flight within seconds, show up just 15 minutes before a flight, and receive service beyond a first class experience.
How is LUX Airways simplifying the flight experience?
No lines, no taking off your shoes and belts, just get in and go. We make each step simple with TSA Pre procedures, private terminals and as a member it’s our job to know you and what your tastes are. Stirred not shaken.
What makes a LUX Airways membership different from flying private or charter?
Flying on LUX Airways is even more comfortable than flying private. You have all the same amazing efficiency and freedom of flying private without the sting of private costs. For the price of 1 leg on private or charter, you could have 12 legs on LUX.
What makes a LUX Airways membership different from flying with traditional commercial airlines?
There is not a single airline in the US that is in the top 10 for luxury airlines… we aim to be the first. If you fly the LAX – LGA route on monthly basis or more, we don’t have to say much else, other than “red eye” is for those other guys. With LUX Airways you always arrive rested and ready.
May I invite someone to join me on the flight?
Absolutely! We want you to be able to share this amazing experience with family, friends, colleagues, and anyone else on your confidential companion list (up to 3 people). Tickets for companions can be taken out of the allotted flights per month, or can be purchased additionally at our member rates.
How does a LUX Airways membership work for businesses? Is there a corporate group plan?
If your company has 5 or more executives bouncing form coast to coast several times a month we can create a custom package for you. Please contact us at
How can the LUX Airways membership benefit my business team?
Our business memberships are completely custom and made to your company needs. Save money on the ability to have a monthly rate and rest easy knowing you won’t have to pay inflated prices on last minute booking for those pop-up meetings.
What if I want to cancel my membership?
What? Seriously, nobody wants to leave, but we know life changes and after a three-month introductory membership period, you can cancel your membership with a written, 30-day notice sent to

Please see our Membership Agreement for details.
Are there any fees for changing my flight?
Absolutely not. Your membership is one flat, all-inclusive fee. We don’t believe that hidden and extra fees should be part of revolutionizing the airline industry…we leave that “nickel and diming” to the commercial guys you used to fly on.
What are the baggage fees?
Are you ready? There are no baggage fees. Period.

You can take as many bags and at any weight as you wish with no extra charge. In fact, as a member, you can also take advantage of our subsidiary company, LUX Cargo, and ship as much freight as you’d like all for free, whether you’re on the flight or not. Of course some restrictions apply for safety and federal regulations.
Are we allowed to bring pets on the airplane?
Absolutely! We allow all pets to be brought on board.
What kind of aircraft do you fly?
Initially, we will be flying the proven and reliable Bombardier CS-100/CS300. If you are interested, you can learn more about these aircraft here:
Who flies the aircraft?
LUX pilots are handpicked. We choose our pilots not only based on their experience and unwavering commitment to safety, but those who truly believe that LUX Airways is a revolutionary experience and are willing to go above and beyond to give that to our customers.
How many bags may I bring on board?
Members may bring as many bags as they wish, with no restriction on weight limits, all for free. Keep it to reasonable size and we’ll get along just fine. Even if you had to check it into the cargo hold, it will be waiting for you when you disembark. Nothing gets lost on LUX.
Will I have WiFi on the aircraft?
Of course! It’s a connected world, and your time in the air should be no different. In fact, we pride ourselves on offering the fastest internet possible for aircraft, provided through ViaSat. Stream movies without interruption, send emails, and browse the web just as you would at your home or office with internet speeds 10 times faster than you would find on any other airline, all for free!
What if my flight gets canceled due to weather?
Unfortunately, weather is one of the things we cannot control. But we are working on it. If a flight is delayed or canceled due to weather, we will do all we can to either make up the time or schedule an additional flight to get you to your destination. Simply its our problem to get you there, not yours.
Where does LUX Airways fly?
Currently we plan on flying one inaugural route - Los Angeles/New York, as this is the most in demand route. However, our expansion plans include the roll out of new and additional routes as soon as possible to include Europe and Asia. As a member you will have access to all routes in our network. If there is a specific route you would like to see added to our network, please fill our this short survey (Link).
What services will be available at your airports?
At this time, members will board and offload through existing private terminals used for business jets. These locations all have comfortable lounges, WiFi, complementary food and drinks, etc. However, our expansion plan calls for building our own terminals where members will be able to experience true luxury, with amenities to include complementary bottle service and massages while you wait to board the aircraft. Showing up early has never been more fun.
When does LUX plan on starting operations?
We plan to start full operations with domestic route rollout mid 2019.
How far in advance of my desired flight will I be able to reserve my seat?
As a Member, you are able to book a flight as far in advance as a year prior, and all the way up to 30 minutes before a flight. Our booking process is as simple and easy as it can get. Just log on to your account through a computer or mobile device, and within 30 seconds you will have booked your flight, decided what you would like for a meal and drinks, and have an Uber scheduled to pick you up.
How many flights may I reserve?
You can book up to as many flights per month as your membership allows. If you would like to purchase and book more, no problem! Just contact our membership services line and receive special membership rates for “a la carte” ordering.
What if the flight I want to book is full?
We limit memberships to avoid this but if a flight you desire is full, you can easily choose to be put on the waiting list, and we will honor your booking if there are any changes. This should rarely happen in non-peak times as we only offer a certain ratio of memberships to seats available per day to prevent such things from happening. Naturally, we recommend booking your flight as far in advance as possible, especially during peak holiday seasons.
How do I cancel a reservation if I'm not going to make it?
Held up in traffic? Need to squeeze in one more meeting? Just log in to our mobile app, select your flight, and tap Cancel. Again, there are no fees for cancellations. We encourage you to cancel if you know you’re not going to make it, so that a seat may open up for another Member who needs to fly. We really would appreciate as much notice as possible – in fact, at least 24 hours would be perfect!
What if I miss my flight?
If you happen to miss your flight and fail to cancel 24 hours before your plane departs, no worries! That flight will be added back to your membership and you will have access to booking immediately. But we want to encourage you to be responsible to the LUX community and allow the full flying experience to your fellow Members. To manage this we allow the flight to be added back to your pool just once in a 6-month period.
What security measures do you use?
It’s our job to know who all of our members are and provide a safe flight. As part of each membership application, we conduct a thorough background check, as well as require each member to apply and be accepted for TSA Pre-Check. This enables us to forego the cumbersome security check you would go through on a normal commercial flight.
What are your plans for expansion?
We plan on expanding both our fleet of aircraft and our route network fairly rapidly. We are always looking for your input on where to go. Fill out this short survey and stay tuned!