Lux Airways is a membership-based first class airline founded in 2016 offering a private and exclusive experience for passengers looking to travel transcontinental between major city centers. Its sole mission is to revolutionize the way passengers travel by offering an affordable method of flying while enjoying the luxuries of a private jet.

LUX is currently looking for early stage investors, and is offering FREE FLIGHTS FOR LIFE1 in addition to a small equity share in the company, for the first 100 members that put down a deposit of $25,000. If interested in taking advantage of such a rare opportunity and to receive more information, please fill out the form below to be put into contact with one of our investment liaisons.

If you believe in this vision and would like to be a part of our exciting initiative of both revitalizing and revolutionizing the aviation industry, please fill out our investor questionnaire below and our investor relations team will contact you shortly.

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1Note: This is not an implication of any facilitation of air travel nor implication of authority to hold out publicly by LUX Airways to facilitate air travel. This is merely an investment opportunity with travel incentives as part of the investment in itself.